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Hi Stuart,

I’m enamored with the beauty of female voices myself, and what I hear so far is exquisite, so I’m really looking forward to the record release and further developments. So far, how has the recording process affected your script? (I’m curious to know because my boyfriend’s actually in the process of re-writing his first script. As much of the literature that he’s read seems to indicate that it’s unprofessional to include music lyrics/titles in the script, music has sort of been put on the back burner… but as female beauty, strength, and empowerment are very relevant to his story, I wonder if focusing more on the music selection would help him at this point in his process?)


Tell your boyfriend to put the literature to one side. Music is an intuitive process. If it comes during the process of writing dialogue, let it come! What could be more natural! It makes sense!

Imagine a character in a scene, unable to express her situation fully in words, about to explode/implode with fury, passion, love, incontinence, etc. Let her SING! Let the words flow onto your page, let the tune flow onto your dictaphone! These things can go hand in hand, why not!

It’s a bit early to say how the recording process affected my script so far. I haven’t been back to it in a while..


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