From Sunil

Hi Sunil

Yeah, we weren’t going to give the b-side away. It just happened! But you get the actual vinyl 7″ single sent to you.

It’s the last free thing we’re going to give away, and we’ll probably add something to the subscrition along the way.

The 10″ vinyl ep “Stills” will be exclusive and will have 5 tracks that don’t appear anywhere else.

It’s all new to us, this ‘subscription’ business, but i’m taking a personal interest in making this worthwhile. I’m really pleased with all the artwork for the records, and i think only those with the subscription will be able to easily get the whole set with artwork. Also, we’re making a canvas shopping bag for you, and we’re trying to get that added to the subscription, and it’s pretty cute.

Very nice to hear from you, all the way in Mumbai!



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