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‘a down and dusky blonde’ was sung by Dina Bankole originally. she did a great job with it, especially because it was a brand new song just before we recorded it.

Dina sang it live, but i felt like having all the vocalists taking a spot on it. Therefore I had everyone sing a version, and when we mixed it, the way we left it was..

A Down And Dusky Blonde

I fried my head, I’m not a brunette
I’m a down and dusky blonde
I am living in a tree
When I lie in bed I see
Beyond my brother’s head the moon, I hear the rain

I am concious of my voice as a tool it’s more demure
Than your friend the singing queen
With her matinee good looks
She talks like talking from a book
I speak the language of my village of my street

But I need a friend and I choose you, I tell you the way I feel
The truth is crushing like a heel
I will forget the kiss and feel
If you will too

Asya with Catherine
Tell me tales of punk rockin girls
It’s a dim and distant page
But I mostly blame my age
Please make allowances for me
I do not see

Catherine with Brittany
It’s a drag that you’re getting old
I love to think about the year
When we sobbed and then we cheered
The town deserted like a film
The sun was baking dust for fun
Trees were withering by day
Your torso crushing me
Into the country and the tunnels and the fields

Dina with everyone
But I need a friend and I choose you cause I tell you the way I feel
The truth is crushing like a heel
I will forget the kiss and feel
If you will too

I read a book a day, like an apple
But I did not eat
And so the doctor came to me
He said a woman does not live
By the printed word
Forgive yourself and eat

Dina with Catherine
Autumn sped along outside
Trick photography on speed
I was locked inside a room
They made a deal, they would control
The simple things like bodies
But I kept my soul

Dina with everyone
When I needed someone I chose you because the fledging soul awakes
And on the balcony she quakes
And she is waiting for the sign
And when the brother does not come
And when the sister’s much too young she chooses you

I liked this mix because it felt like it brought the collaboration to a close, but perhaps we’ll do a mix with Dina’s lead one time, and put it online, because she really killed it.


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