From Kristi

Hi Kristii must admit that i didn’t read anything about anything before i started writing! (Hope that ends up being ok..) I already had the songs to guide me, and the songs had just “come”. So i just developed the characters from there.

I must admit, i didn’t want to write an “anorexic” film. The idea was that eve had gotten over the worst of her travails as the story starts, so that it was just a ‘shadow’ that followed her as she tries to start over again.

i’m guessing that when a person starts putting a disorder behind them, that it’s not all fun and games. it’s when you have to start dealing with a lot of stuff that was simply ‘off the radar’ before. i wanted eve’s new life to be ‘tough, but better’, and awakening of some underused senses.

still working on it though!

thanks for the question


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