From darius

i was planning on directing. i must say, it hasn’t been so much of a struggle so far really. i’ve enjoyed every step, though i must say that it’s taken longer than i thought it would. it’s part of my apprenticeship i assume. john and i go down a few wrong alleys, but we usually meet some funny people down there!

i do know that the film bit is going to be involved and stressful. i want to make the actual filming an enjoyable thing though. i want the actors to be like the characters, selfish! i want them to follow their desires and be comfortable. that’s what people are like after all. this particular summer may be the one and only time they give into what they really want. after that, responsibility beckons.

i’m filing your name in the FILM 09/10 CONTACTS box of my email. you never know when i may need you! even to be a hip bystander in a bookshop!


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