From Ben

I’ve been going back to the script recently. I’m working on a 2nd draft. I went furthur back in time to tell some more of the story of the main character, Eve. While I was telling her story, I came upon the first time when she realised she could write a song. She was in hospital, and she discovered a piano in the deserted recreation room.

She creeps over to the piano, and describes the way she is feeling while she is sat playing simple chords, and finds that they go together. This moment changes her life.

While I was writing I came up with a simple song that would do for her first song. It’s called _Pretty When The Wind Blows,_ and I envisage we might actually wait until the cameras roll to record it.

Because most of the songs came before I wrote the script, it was immensely _easy_ to write the music when the film was not yet made! I had a clean page of nothing – no restrictions! Not yet…


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