Celia Garcia

h3. Favourite god help the girl track and why

Bakerloo, because of all the hard work we did on the harmonies, it was really enjoyable, and its a great song of course. Sorry to confuse as it’s not on this album, but I’m sure it’ll appear in the future!

h3. Current favourite song of any artist

this has driven me bonkers all weekend trying to come up with only one song… so I’m copping out.. pass!

h3. Ok, to help you, what would be the track you’d like to hear – setting out on a long car journey at eight in the morning…

mmm. Fleetwood Mac ‘Rhiannon’, straight into ‘Go Your Own Way’

h3. you have the house to yourself, coming in from a late saturday night, a little bit drunk..

Giving it laldy to Freda Payne’s ‘Band of Gold’

h3. your pals are round, someone opened up some sparkling wine, you’re about to go out dancing to a hip little 60s club..

Dolly Parton, 9 to 5, it may not be 60s but it always does the job!

h3. How did you get involved in the project? (short answer!)

A wee advert in the classified section of The List

h3. Current crush in the popular domain past or present.

kris kristofferson

h3. Special power that you wished you had


h3. favourite meal to cook

Prawn and Spinach risotto

h3. one thing you would change about the world

at this very moment, having to answer these questions…

h3. tell us a secret about yourself (real or made up!)

oh dear…

h3. best subject at school


h3. in a doomed relationship, do you prefer to dump or be dumped? and why..

what are we … 13?! who wrote these questions anyway… Stuart, are you the culprit?! or did you find them in an old smash hits?

h3. most annoying thing about ‘god help the girl’

apart from these questions, the 4 and a half year wait for it to actually happening!

h3. what pet would you most like?

Cat – but I’m allergic…


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