Catherine Ireton

h3. Favourite god help the girl track and why

Musician Please Take Heed – because it builds so dramatically and really sticks in your head

h3. Current favourite song of any artist

oooh tricky… currently on repeat on my mp3 player is Bob Dylan ‘Blood on the Tracks’

h3. How did you get involved in the project? (short answer!)

While at university in Cork I was the singer in a jazz/pop band and we recorded an album back in 2003. When one of the bandmates moved to Glasgow to do a postgrad Stuart’s girlfriend’s flatmate happened to be in his class. Stuart got hold of the album and thought I should audition for the girlgroup he was thinking about forming. I came over to Glasgow in March 2005, had a singsong with Stuart and the guys and… that was the beginning.

h3. Current crush in the popular domain past or present.

Used to be into Superman, but Wolverine has taken his place…

h3. Special power that you wished you had

to have a photographic memory

h3. favourite meal to cook

sunday roast with all the trimmings

h3. one thing you would change about the world

get rid of plastic bags

h3. tell us a secret about yourself (real or made up!)

I used to drive around without a driving license…

h3. best subject at school

All the sciences… I almost became a radiographer

h3. in a doomed relationship, do you prefer to dump or be dumped? and why..

to be dumped. Better to feel bad rather than feel bad and guilty.

h3. most annoying thing about ‘god help the girl’

That the people involved all live too far away to get together more often

h3. what pet would you most like?

to have or to be like? – I’m not really into the idea of having pets but if I had to it’d probably be a cat because they just sit around and do their own thing. if I had to choose a pet that I am like, I’d choose a cat for the same reason. ha!



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