Favourite god help the girl track and why

1. to be honest – i never heard them all. sitting and running in berlin i am a bit off scene and so i miss some important steps on the way of god help the girl – or lets say – i get them delayed. buuuuut from what i know by now – wait i have to check the tracklist – as there gonna be two records i always get confused about what is on which … alright, checked it – but arg i cant make a desicion : i love “act of the apostle “- and “musician please take heed of course” – i remember us trying out in the very beginning and wondering for hours what a leotard might be ( it is named after a circus artist jules léotard, did you know?) and how we all tried to reach the hights.

but i guess my favourite is perfection as a hipster. it is so funny and awkward.
ah well

h3. Current favourite song of any artist

2. oh, hm, ONE favourite? wuthering heights, kate bush

h3. How did you get involved in the project? (short answer!)

3. in short? met b&s in berlin, was invited to be in the video for wrapped up in books, sang along to nina simone in stuarts livingroom and several months later stuart called to tell me about a girlgroup he wanted to form and asked me to come over for tryouts. from that point on – was it 4 years ago (?) – i was somehow involved in the project.

h3. Current crush in the popular domain past or present.

4. i tryed to find out what the public domain is, or rather what you mean by it but i didnt quite get it – what do you mean by that? examples, examples!!!

h3. Special power that you wished you had

5. i wished …. i could protect all my loved ones from any bigger harm. more fancy: i wish i could fly! i was flying in some dreams of mine and it was great.

h3. favourite meal to cook

6. all sorts of cakes and tartes, the ones of which you can eat another and another and another piece without ever getting sick.

h3. one thing you would change about the world

7. oh gosh! “no more war” is already taken? awareness.

h3. tell us a secret about yourself (real or made up!)

8. i stole toilettpaper from the uni´s bathroom

h3. best subject at school

9. drawing

h3. in a doomed relationship, do you prefer to dump or be dumped? and why..

10. dont remind me of that! cant we separate peacefully and stay friends?
– then i´d like to be dumping. then i´d be the one to realize it is doomed and draw the consequences.

h3. most annoying thing about ‘god help the girl’

11. i never know whats going on damn it!

h3. what pet would you most like?

12. that´s my favorite. a talking cat. or my beloved teddybear (name: bärli) that i left on the bus when i was 8 years old. has anybody seen it?


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