We hit the target and beyond!

Incredible! Kickstarter went crazy last night in the rush to $100k and we reached it at 23.17 GMT thanks to Soulboyjohn who upped his pledge at the crucial moment. All on the team were refresh button junkies last night!

We are hugely grateful to everyone who has pledged throughout the campaign. We are now way past the target at over $102k. This is no small feat. The generosity of our backers has allowed us to join the exclusive ranks of only 5 other narrative feature film projects who have raised over $100k – see the links below to view those precious few. We’re the first EVER UK narrative feature to raise this amount.

We really have achieved something here and a successful Kickstarter campaign has always felt like it would be pivotal in making this movie – so off we go! It’s so encouraging to have over 1000 of you backing us.

It’s not over yet though, we still have 8 days to go on the campaign so there is plenty opportunity for others to get involved. The more we raise on kickstarter the quicker we can get the film into production so we are more than happy to push on past our target.

This is also the last window of opportunity to become part of making the film happen – there’s still the chance to shout action on the first take of the film, get your name in the credits, sign up for an exclusive kickstarter only dvd, receive a god help the crew badge and lots more. These rewards will only be available for the duration of the campaign so get in now if you want to join us.

Thank you all again, we are delighted.

Pledge before the end of Sunday and you’ll get this ‘Still’s demo in your inbox on Monday.

Kickstarter top funded narrative feature films:

Save Blue Like Jazz , $346k , U.S.

Man-Child , $125k , U.S.

Thankskilling , $112k , U.S.

I Am I , $111k , U.S.

Lust For Love , 101k , U.S.

AND God Help The Girl !!!!


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