Thoughts on Kickstarter so far...

Kickstarter is interesting; it’s like having a garage sale, but as you sell the things you wanted to sell suddenly you notice new things to offer at the back of the garage – you may have noticed this with our Kickstarter rewards. All we can tell you is we don’t know what will go up there next – but we love offering them up to you as a reward for your help in something we think will be amazing.

One reward we are really excited about is our preview screenings to be held in London, L.A, New York, and most recent Glasgow. These will be our celebratory parties for the people who were there at the beginning (the people of Kickstarter). These previews will be the first public screenings of the finished movie in your City.  The whole team will be there, and we want you to be involved because you were a part of bringing this film to life.  If you’re able to help get the film going now, we want you to come celebrate with us later, and see what we did, plus it’s just an excuse for a good party – bring your dancing shoes.

If you can’t come along, we have a lot of other rewards; take a look at our Kickstarter page if you haven’t already. Here are but a few in the amazing line up; we have the talented Graham Samuels offering hand drawn portraits (check out his amazing work here) and we have Barry offering up time from his busy schedule to chat to you about your own projects – and if you consider how much amazing advice can save projects it really is a fantastic offer.

Finally I will leave you with a fittingly inspirational quote from Annie Dillard: ‘How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives’.

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