Amplify is our U.S. distributor - 07/02/2014

Dearest friends,

we have great news for you! AMPLIFY, a merger between Variance Films and GoDigital, is joining the GHTG family as our U.S. distributor!

Here’s what Stuart has to say about it: “I like these guys! I don’t know much about the movie business yet, but Amplify seems pretty rock ‘n’ roll. I know music has changed a lot recently; film is changing too. These guys get that. I’m glad we’re with them!”

Read all the news about it here on The Hollywood Reporter.

We hope to be able to update release dates as soon as possible!


We're in the News - 06/01/2014

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter you have probably seen our latest news bits. If not, chop chop, you’ll find our Facebook-page here and out Twitter-feed here!

Here’s the latest news:

Sundance Film Festival uploaded their festival programme and we’re excited by how well GHTG fits in. See it here.

– Stuart Murdoch was asked to select his favourite 13 music records for The Quietus – way back in September, but it fits the round-up mood of New Year’s!

– And original GHTG member and illustrator Alexandra Klobouk just published her first book. She talks about the book and her time with GHTG with renk. magazin! (German only…)

We wish you happy new year!


European Premiere at Berlinale - 30/12/2013

’tis is the season to be jolly! We hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

We’re happy to have another piece of good news for you: ‘God Help the Girl’ will have its European premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, Germany in February 2014!

The film will be shown in the Generation section devoted to cinema for children and young people.

We are excited to add yet another major festival to the GHTG journey and will keep you posted on any further pitstops!

Thank you for travelling with us!


World Premiere at Sundance! - 05/12/2013

Hello All!

We are so delighted to finally be able to announce our first festival screening. ‘God Help The Girl’ will premiere at Sundance Film Festival, Utah, in January 2014.

It’s been a long wait to finally let the film loose on an audience and we are really chuffed that we are screening at such a high profile and well-loved film festival.

US Distribution is our next step and, once we have that in place, our plan for commercial release will start to form.

So the movie will be on a screen near you sometime in 2014.

Thanks again for your continued support and interest, we’ll keep you updated on this new leg of the GHTG journey.




An update on the film - 19/10/2013

Hello everyone!

Here’s an update on where we are at with the movie. We’ve been quiet for a while but not un-busy. This was written for our Kickstarter backers but lots of info generally about the film.

Hello kickstarters,

apologies for our long silence. we’ve had our heads down finishing the film and getting it ready to be seen.

to recap, we shot the movie in the summer of 2012. during the fall, spring and early summer, we edited and did six rough cut screenings in glasgow, london and LA which you might have heard about. those helped us hone the film, which is now complete. it’s been edited, scored, mixed, color timed, title cards made, outputted, it’s done.

this summer, while stuart was on tour with belle & sebastian, we submitted it to the major north american festivals and thankfully, were met with an enthusiastic response.

we’ve chosen the one where the debut will take place, but we’ve been asked not to mention it until the official announcement in a month’s time.

we can say that the festival will be early next year, and it will be a good one.

we’ve not yet shown the film to any american distributors, the festival will be the first time any of them see it. once we know who that is, we’ll be able to set a release date for the film to come out in theatres in the states.

we do already have deals with some great distributors who showed faith in the film sight unseen, in the UK (metrodome), australia (transmission), spain (avalon) and taiwan (atom), for example.

we’ve decided to wait to set release date outside the states until we know the US release date in order to take advantage of the publicity that will be kicked up there.

as for your prizes, we’ve had visitors to the edit and mix, stuart’s played scrabble, and we’re working our way through getting them to you as each are ready.

there’s not yet a poster or the main iconic image or images that will carry the torch for the film. we’re at work on that now. once we have it, we can fulfill all the poster, t-shirt, etc. prizes.

the premieres will happen a week or two before the general theatrical release in each of the respective cities. the DVD and digital downloads won’t happen until after the theatrical release in each territory.

the bus tour will be 2014 – possibly just after our festival premiere. we will update those backers on that shortly as we know you have to book travel.

if you’re owed a prize and are wondering when it might be ready, please write us and we should be able to give you at least a general timeframe. rest assured every prize will be delivered at its earliest date.

if you’re feeling frustrated by the wait, we definitely understand. the kickstarter campaign was in december-february 2011-2012, for christmas sake!

this film, like most, has taken a long time to make.

after we complete this first festival and also screenings for international distributors in berlin in february, we will start announcing release dates. we expect the film to actually be available in theatres for you to see in either the summer or fall (2014), with DVD and digital to follow.

we’re grateful as always for your support and also your patience.

if you have any thoughts, questions or worries, please write us.

thanks, barry