UK-wide release on August 22nd - 11/07/2014

Hello all,

today’s happy news is the announcement of GHTG’s UK-wide release on August 22! So, if you can’t make it to the premiere festivities in Edinburgh and Glasgow a week before, come and watch the film then!

Thank you all so much for your support – the time has finally come!


Summer Update - 29/06/2014

hello all,

things are gearing up!

we’re about to announce official theatrical release dates in the US and UK, it will come within the next week or so and the release will be within a few months of that.

other distributors who we’re joining forces with are: filmswelike (canada), capelight (germany/austria), avalon (spain), MK2 (france), A film (belgium/netherlands), discovery (croatia), odeon (greece), moltkino ITI (poland), cinemania (slovenia), challan (south korea), sun dream (hong kong), atom films (taiwan), ster kinekor (south africa), united king (israel), front row (the middle east) and transmission (australia/new zealand). release dates are shaping up in these territories, too.

as hard as it might be to believe, it really is coming. at last.

in the mean time, we’re busy putting together some videos for you to enjoy. there will be five mini-docs covering the film’s origins, the music, the casting process, the shoot and then everything we’ve been up to since. we’re doing music vidoes, and of course there will be a trailer and maybe even a teaser first. this onslaught will begin in the next two weeks and there will be new items each week up until release.

so lots to check out in the next couple months if that is your style. personally, i never like to see anything before i see a film but that’s just me. my girlfriend sarah is always watching trailers and promos, i don’t know why. i like to watch them after i see the film, if it was interesting. she’s got the cart before the horse if you ask me, to each their own.

we also have put the finishing touches on an original soundtrack which we hope you like. it’s got dialogue, score, new songs no one’s yet heard and of course some GHTG songs in new versions with new singers and players and sounds. it’s a version of the film in miniature, and personally, while thoroughly biased, i think i’d like the record even if i never saw the film because i get to imagine the visuals myself. the artwork for it is coming out nicely and we’re releasing it on vinyl as a double disc as well as on CD and of course, digital, too. thanks to¬†milan records¬†who have been a great partner.

there are some exciting announcements upcoming about the UK premiere, too, which will be an event in of itself.

as for your prizes, we’re making steady progress delivering them, many of you have received them and we hope are happy.

we’re well into planning the launch screenings for glasgow, london, NY and LA, all of which will be in the month of august. dates coming soon. those will be fun. we’re almost done with the US and UK posters (which will be different, if only because the US are vertical and UK are landscape, so it suggested different images). i always like when the posters are different. just makes life more interesting.

as the posters and album covers and such round into shape, that gives us the options for special kickstarter posters and t-shirts and the like. we are planning stuart’s glasgow bus tour and generally feel like we’re on top of all the prizes yet to be delivered, but if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. you all have been more than patient, and we really appreciate it and hope that it will be worth the wait.

films sometimes take longer than you first think/hope, but in our case, we were patient in hopes of offering up a better film and more thoughtful release than we could have had we gone faster.

so thank you, soon we will all get to celebrate a project we banded together to create, we couldn’t have done it without you.

cheers, barry


More International Film Festival Screening this Summer - 05/06/2014

Dear friends and followers,

here are some more international film festivals outside the US where you can see GHTG throughout the summer:

Sydney Film Festival, Australia, June 4 – 15
Shanghai International Film Festival, China, June 14 – 22
Niagra Falls Festival, Canada, June 19
Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan, June 27 – July 19
Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia, July 31 – Aug 17

Catch it if you can!


Upcoming US screenings - 10/05/2014

We are happy to announce a couple more screenings in the US – and these are only the ones confirmed for now! Our US distributor Amplify does its best to bring God Help The Girl to a festival or cinema close to you!

June 1 – Seattle International Film Festival, WA
June 4 – Cinetopia Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI
June 4 – Maui International Film Festival, HI

August 20 – Red Butte Ampitheatre (University of Utah), Salt Lake City, UT

September 4 – Sound Unseen (McNally Smith College of Music), St. Paul, MN
September 12 – Gateway Film Center, Columbus, OH
September 12 – North Park Theatre, Buffalo, NY
September 12 – Sie FilmCenter, Denver, CO

See you there!


GHTG rocks SXSW in Austin, Texas - 14/03/2014

Dear friends,

if you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you might already know that God Help The Girl will screen tomorrow Saturday, March 15 on a very special music, film and arts festival in Austin, Texas: South By South West (SXSW)!

The film will screen at 5pm at the Paramount Theater. Admission is granted with festival wristbands and badges, but if seats remain, single-admission tickets will be sold at the venue for $10 from about 15 minutes before showtime.

Earlier that day Stuart will talk about his work on GHTG in a panel discussion held at the Austin Convention Centre at 2pm. If you have any questions for Stuart, tweet them to Jason at @cohenesque and he’ll try to get an answer back for you!

And last, but not least: the Barton Hills Choir will be performing about 10-15 minutes before our screening at the Paramount Theater. They will be singing a mix of songs from the film and Belle and Sebastian numbers. Here are two wee clips from their rehearsal: clip #1 & clip #2.

We hope some of you can be in Austin with us!