July 26th, 09, "A Life In Limbo" - 26/07/2009

Hello guys and gals

Just a quick word about a broadcast I took part in last week. It’s one in a series called ‘A Life in Limbo’ and it will be broadcast on Wednesday 29th July at 1130am on BBC Radio Scotland. (It will be repeated on Sunday 2nd August 1630).

It is also available via the iPlayer online for 7 days “here”:http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00lqp0p/A_Life_in_Limbo_Episode_8/

The reason I’m flagging this one up to you in particular is that I feel a bit guilty. The producer of the show wanted me to talk about the time I was sick, when I was younger, with M.E., (or post viral fatigue, or chronique fatigue syndrome, whatever you want to call it). Well, I haven’t really talked about it too much in detail, and I do get a lot of mail about it from you… and my response hasn’t been too forthcoming sometimes.

I could have done more, and been better at answering your mail about it. I guess part of the truth is that when you first get over it you want to keep running and get as far away from it all as you possibly can. But enough time has elapsed, and I hope that if you’ve written to me about it, or you read the diary regularly, you might have a listen to me talking about that time.

I guess the interview (though I haven’t heard it back..) only covers the basics, doesn’t really go into the gory details, but it was actually quite fun to think about that time, now that it’s long past, and I hope that any sufferers may take heart from the programme, because I, and the other two main protaonists at the time, Ciara and Michael, all got better.

And the other upside was that it lead absolutely and directly to me writing songs and to the formation of the group (Belle And Sebastian) So it’s not all about doctors and depression!



Go Away Birds - 6 Music - 24/07/2009

Catherine makes a quick return to the Manchester studios of BBC 6 Music – this time with her band, The Go Away Birds. They are in session on the Marc Riley Show on Wednesday 29th July from 7pm. You can find more from them “here”:http://thegoawaybirds.com


God Help The Girl: We Play(ed) A Show - 22/07/2009

Just before the album came out last month, we assembled the whole crew for what was the first (and so far, only) God Help The Girl show at the Landsdowne Church in Glasgow. Cakes were consumed and a selection of songs from both the album and the ‘Stills’ EP were performed. Celia’s diary of the week’s activities can also be found “here.”:http://bit.ly/FA7ff

The show was filmed by “Forest of Black”:http://www.forestofblack.co.uk and this has been combined with some of the footage from Marisa’s “Girl Singer Needed”:http://www.girlsingerneeded.com to form the basis of a short documentary called ‘God Help The Girl: We Play A Show” which airs on Channel 4 in the U.K. on Thursday morning at 12.30 a.m..

For those not in the U.K., we will put both the documentary and some other clips from the shows online over the next few days.

pics by Mark Percival


Funny Little Frog - out now - 21/07/2009

Vinyl collectors may want to get hold of the second single by God Help the Girl – which is available in the U.K. now as both a 7″ and download. ‘Funny Little Frog’ is one of the album tracks, sung by Brittany Stallings, the b-side is ‘Mary’s Market’ (sung by Stuart), which was previewed here a month ago.

You can buy the 7″ from the Belle and Sebastian shop “here”:http://bit.ly/limgx as well as from Rough Trade, HMV and other retailers.

If you want to listen to the tracks first, you can find them “here”:http://bit.ly/UKTO8 where you can also buy them in digital formats, as well as from iTunes, amazon.co.uk and play.com.


Guardian feature - 20/07/2009

There was a lengthy article about Stuart, Belle and Sebastian and God Help The Girl in this week’s “Guardian Review”:http://bit.ly/TSeYT by novelist and Professor of Scottish Studies at the University of Otago, Liam McIlvanney. Read it “here”:http://bit.ly/TSeYT