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Hello Everyone!

Just before the end of last year we launched our kickstarter campaign to part fund ‘God Help the Girl’ the movie. We know some of you have been following the campaign closely but for others we thought we’d share some of the highs and lows!

It really feels like a year has passed between now and then and we are now over 90% of the way to our goal of raising $100k. But that is just part of the story – here is the tale of our kickstarter campaign so far:

We launched on 14th December and it didn’t take long for the buzz to get out, both “Aint it cool” and “Pitchfork” instantly wrote about us in their blogs and the pledges flew in; we raised a staggering $27k in just three days! At that point we thought we had it made, this streak would continue and we would reach our goal way ahead of time – it wasn’t that easy. It was only the beginning of the story, and we discovered all great things are a struggle – but a worthwhile one.

During the Christmas and New Year period we nearly flat lined, and we were left wondering if this would work. It is worth pointing out that our project, in kickstarter terms, is a difficult one; the top four funded narrative feature films on kickstarter all aimed for the same amount we are, it was a struggle for them and kickstarter is filled with great projects that asked for the same amount and failed to reach it. $100k is a lot of money to raise from crowdfunding.

The only way to raise anything like that sort of money is through the generosity – in spirit and wallet – of you, fans, backers, pledgers, tweeters, bloggers, whatever you call it, YOU! We have always known the value of our supporters, but the new understanding of how amazing you are came as a divine revelation. Our plateau ended when the supporters came, they spread the word on twitter, face book, blogs; and they were generous with their money. We were humbled; to know how much you really want to see this film has made us ever more passionate to get it made – for you. With the people came the press, see the links below to some of the articles written, we even went on BBC radio Scotland and on BBC radio 4’s You and Yours – a dream come true for Stuart!

On our twitter Zooey Deschanel tweeted about our campaign to her 2m followers! We also got mentions from Elijah Wood, The Vaselines, Bright Eyes, The Trashcan Sinatras, Tatum O’Neal and Glasgow City Marketing Bureau among many others.

There was a rush on Stuart’s Glasgow bus tour and 15 people will be travelling around the locations with him and stopping for a spot of lunch, 6 of you will be trying to beat him at scrabble, Sarah from B&S got involved hand making a purse for ‘Eve’ and some lovely Gocco prints, Matt Lucas even bought Eve’s dress! And one very generous supporter will be the proud owner of the rarest of the rare “white label” pressing of Tigermilk.

Most importantly our kick-starters are getting involved in the film – we have 2 walk on roles, someone shouting ‘that’s a wrap’ and people coming to attend the rough cut screening and final audio mix and give us their feedback. Every single person who has donated even $1 to the campaign is responsible for propelling us ever closer to that first take and we are very glad to have you along for the ride!

So that brings us to where we are now, so close to our goal; only around $6k short of our target and making this all a reality. There’s still time to get involved if you’d like to. Someone needs to shout action on the first take, Stuart might be terrified like Barry was! And today we’ve dropped that reward down to $400 which will include your name in the end credits. You can pledge just $1 today and on Monday everyone who has pledged to the campaign so far will receive a free download of the ‘Stills’ demo. Pledge for a DVD copy of the film, an exclusive poster, a signed postcard or a cast/crew badge. We’d be delighted to have you on board with us!

Here are what some lovely people had to say about the project:

So a big thank you to all, here’s hoping we make it.



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