Kickstarter going great and we are working with Hanway!

happy holidays!  last minute shopping to do?  we’ve added lots of new prizes so please consider giving the gift of god help the girl to someone you love.  we’re happy to mail your prizes to whomever you specify.  we can also email them directly if you wish, just let us know.

regardless, we’re feeling very grateful this holiday season — thanks to you, our first week was a fantastic success, we are almost a third of the way to our target. we’ve heard from so many of you offering donations and encouragement and it’s put a great wind at our back.

stuart and i went to london this week for over a dozen business and creative meetings, and the momentum of the kickstarter launch was felt by all, your enthusiasm and belief added excitement at every turn.  thank you!

the trip was a great success.  we’re very pleased to announce that we’ve struck up a partnership with the incredible hanway films to sell the film for us internationally.

as background, hanway are currently the company working on steve mcqueen’s shame and david cronenberg’s a dangerous method.  they were founded by oscar-winning producer jeremy thomas, and his team there, matt, thorsten and richard, are going to take our film once we finish it and sell it to distributors in each territory around the world.

we’re very honoured they want to take on the film. it’s another big step toward our film becoming a reality, and they will do a great job on behalf of our kickstarters in spain and germany and brazil and everywhere, finding distributors in your part of the world who can make the film available.

we videotaped our recap meeting of the london trip and will post that sometime soon. we’re also hoping to be able to announce who will distribute the movie in the UK in the new year.

however, in order for there to be a film, we need to keep it going with the campaign.  we have two-thirds of the way to go, and that feels like a lot!  so please keep doing exactly what you’re doing, telling your friends about us and staying tuned.

in the meantime, if you can support us, thank you, and thank you if can tell a friend.  we are amazed and inspired by your support.  it feels like we’re doing this all together.

a safe and happy holiday,

barry and the gang

New Rewards:

We called the hire company and they’ve agreed Stuart can drive a bigger minibus! So we’ve upped the bus tour places from 10-15. It will still be a fun and intimate affair and these will be the last places added so grab ’em now.

We’ve also added a Glasgow preview screening date due to popular request.

Graham Samuels will be drawing GTHG artwork sketches of 10 of you with a signed postcard from Stuart as well.

We’ve had demand for the walk-on roles as well and we think we can manage 3 without driving Stuart crazy writing in new lines! So there are two more chances for a speaking part in the film.

Finally – we’re offering up the clapper board that we are going to use in the film, signed by Stuart and DoP, including a photo and a DVD with the very 1st and very last ‘boards’ of the film. A collector’s item of the future!

Check all the new rewards here.


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