God Help us find the Girls and Guys!

We have a huge cast in this film and we’ve seen lots of brilliant and talented actors and actresses for the roles of ‘Eve’, ‘James’ and ‘Cassie’ and we are getting pretty close to casting…but just before we make our final decisions, we are opening up the casting process to all of you and inviting you to tape and send us your audition!

We are looking for young talented people for many parts, so we would like to offer the opportunity for up and coming actors, singers and dancers to apply.

You might be the someone, somewhere, who we have not found yet for one of the leading roles, or you could be right for one of our other parts – all you have to do is apply.

So, you might tape yourself for ‘James’ at this point, but actually be great for another part, and we’ll be able to tell that from your tape. It’s important to let you know that for lead roles, we’ll be able to travel actors to Glasgow for filming, but for other roles we’ll have a particular bias to Glasgow, or at least UK, based talent.

So, next, all you need to do is tape yourself!

We’re inviting you to read a scene written for ‘Eve’, ‘James’ or ‘Cass’, according to which role you suit best, so please see the character descriptions on the links below to find out what they are each about. Don’t worry if you don’t 100% fit the character description, choose whoever seems to fit the best for you, and this will give us a sense of what you can do. Guys, you’ll probably want to choose ‘James’! We’re asking you to record a song too if you would like to, but there are plenty of non-singing parts so if you can’t sing a note, don’t worry, just read the scene.

Professional Actors

If you are an actor with an agent and have been asked to tape you will have all of the information already, so you can ignore this page!

If you are an actor who has already submitted your info to us via the Spotlight breakdown, there is no need to re-send it as we are still going through all the submissions and will be in touch if we would like you to tape.

Spread the word!

If none of this is for you, but you know somebody; a friend, an up and coming actor, a singer, who you think is perfect for the role, then please pass this information on to them so they can submit a tape. If you don’t have a direct contact, but think we should check someone out, please draw our attention to them by emailing us with ‘GHTG Open Casting’ in the message subject.

You can start submitting your tapes NOW and we will accept tapes up until 15th March 2300 GMT.

Everything you need is on the links below:

‘Eve’, ‘James’, ‘Cass’ character descriptions

Self taping instructions

Scenes to read – Eve, James / Cass

Listen to God Help The Girl


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