God Help The Girl: We Play(ed) A Show

Just before the album came out last month, we assembled the whole crew for what was the first (and so far, only) God Help The Girl show at the Landsdowne Church in Glasgow. Cakes were consumed and a selection of songs from both the album and the ‘Stills’ EP were performed. Celia’s diary of the week’s activities can also be found “here.”:http://bit.ly/FA7ff

The show was filmed by “Forest of Black”:http://www.forestofblack.co.uk and this has been combined with some of the footage from Marisa’s “Girl Singer Needed”:http://www.girlsingerneeded.com to form the basis of a short documentary called ‘God Help The Girl: We Play A Show” which airs on Channel 4 in the U.K. on Thursday morning at 12.30 a.m..

For those not in the U.K., we will put both the documentary and some other clips from the shows online over the next few days.

pics by Mark Percival


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