may 15th, 2012: the final bugle call

hi all

ok, getting pretty close now to pre production for the film. that’s the time when all the “heads of departments” arrive at HQ in Govan, and go to work on whatever their speciality is..

Will i tell you what the various heads are? As far as i can work it out, they are

Director Of Photography: everything you see. he’s the boss. camera and lighting.

1st Assistant Director: Runs the show logistically. Plans the schedule, cracks the whip.

Production Designer: The way everything looks, from a room to a street to a picture to a pair of curtains.

Casting Director: Anyone that utters a word on screen is found, picked, vetted, pored over, by the casting director.

Locations Manager: Is just what it says, though sometimes it involves just listening to the janitor’s problems for a couple of hours, just so you can use his hall!

Production Manager: Not sure about this one! Think she is to money what the 1st Assistant Director is to time and motion. She is lurking somewhere..

Costume: Is everything that’s worn, working closely with

Hair and Make up.

and finally

Sound: pretty important. people can accept ‘bad’, or at least ‘esoteric’ pictures, but not bad sound.

The producers i think i already told you about. Buzzing about making the whole thing work.. Barry is funny about preproduction starting.

“It’s like, everyone makes a big deal about it starting. I mean, what the hell do they think we’ve been doing for the past 4 months?”

Pretty much everyone else that works on the film works for one of these guys and gals. They bring in their own people.

So far we have a great team of individuals who are doing EVERYTHING to make this production work. But i must admit that we are up against it somewhat. Even with the massive generosity that came with the kickstarter campaign, we find ourselves short on the budget.

Now, i know that no film is ever going to be easy, and i will be glad in the end that we were made to push for every penny. I am, however, finding it a little disheartening to have to consider which scene to shoot and which not to shoot. We have brought the thing back to its spartan roots, but if we are going to manage to shoot a 90 minute feature it might end up looking like a ‘Play for Today’ in 1973!

So, and with apologies, i make a final appeal for anyone who is reading, who might want to come in and invest in “God Help The Girl”, or who perhaps knows someone who might want to invest. It irks me to have to be so insistent, and assure you, I hope that it is not out of ego that am. I think if we can raise another 30% of what we have already we will have the opportunity to make a nice film. To make a lovely musical film.

To make a final case for it, I think the team has been working on this long enough that i feel potential investors will get their money’s worth. This has been gestating for years, so ought to have truth and quality at the root, else why would any of us bother! My old man bought the master tapes of Tigermilk, my first record, and i tell you, he did ok out of it at the back end! You might just be making a similar wily investment..

Ok, enough of that, i promise i’m not going to talk about money anymore. And by the way (and I only mention this because i always get questioned about it) if i had the money myself, of course i would throw in. The best I can do is try to get a loan from my publishers, which I’m about to ask for, though i think they may chuckle and pat me on the head!

In other news: We have our Eve.