New 'God Help the Girl' Website


Hello one and all,

It has been a long time; how are you?

We have been busy; ‘God Help the Girl’ the album, has been going through its metamorphosis into ‘God Help the Girl’ the feature film – but it is not yet complete. We have a brand new, revamped website brought to you with the help of Channel 4’s Alpha fund to explain all; you can check out the new website here:

The idea behind the new website is to keep you informed how the film is progressing, and also to keep us informed with your thoughts and feelings around it. On the new website you can check out what is currently being done in areas such as casting, locations, and storyboards – we also want you to suggest actors for roles, locations for the film, etc.

It won’t be all work though; there will be a Karaoke section in the near future allowing you to sing along with, and get to know some of the songs from the film.

We are so excited, and this is just the beginning. So come along and take part.


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