6/2/2009 - Pop Music, The Business And Creation Of

I’m at my desk; it’s Friday at 2 ‘o’ clock in the afternoon.

This morning I have solved a few problems, proceeded with a few matters of business.

This morning started with coffee, 10am at a café of medium, aspiring hipness. I met Michael-John, of pop group Zoey Van Goey. We were there to talk about the business and creation of pop music.

As we sat there, Tracyanne of pop group Camera Obscura came through the door nearest us. She was there to meet Francis Macdonald, of pop groups Teenage Fanclub and BMX Bandits. They were there also to discuss the matter of pop music, business and creation of.

Soon enough, a man came through the door carrying many pints of milk. He wasn’t in any pop group that I could readily identify, but he was whistling the catchy bit from “National Express” by pop group The Divine Comedy. This reminded me that I needed to write to Neil Hannon, of said pop group.

I thought about setting up a café conference call so that Neil could join in the discussion of pop music, the business and creation of, that was by this time taking place all over our hip little servery! But I didn’t. I just thought about it.


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