25/3/2008 - March

“I’ve known joy and I’ve known pain, that light at the end of the tunnel is a train, headed this way, it reminds me what love is.”

Easter Monday is a funny old day. It’s the start of something, Spring I suppose, in a way. Lent is over, and if you were following the story, the Lord is risen and joy will be ours. So I went looking for joy this morning, and I watched the snow falling out of a clear blue cloudless sky. Disconcertingly beautiful. And if the Lord can do that then the Lord can do.. a lot of things.

So after the flurry from the azure, the day could only slump. I got in, tidied up, had breakfast, thought about tomorrow, thought about work ahead, and realised I was just floating in a funny old limbo. So much of the creative life is planning and waiting! Is it any wonder I fantasise about jobs that people have, jobs where you just turn up, use your body, talk to people, see a bit of life. Visceral experience I think it’s called.

I started thinking about past Easters. I song sprang to mind, so I thought I’d dip into. I looked it out in an old jotter. It’s called

“How thankful are you for the words you say in prayer?”

I can’t remember who I was asking, or what my point was really, but the tune had persisted for 12 years, so I thought I’d at least transcribe it from the muddle of the jotter. It comes on the page before, and the day before Judy and the Dream of Horses. I guess perhaps the songs that got recorded back then were the ones that pushed to the front of the crowd with verses complete and choruses gleaming.

Coincidentally, Judy popped back into my conscience. I was dipping through tapes from around ’98, and there was a sketch for a song called Judy and Jake, quite a jolly tune, and very simple, so she might be making a come back on B&S vinyl one of these days. Course she’s grown up now. She has relationships, and works in an observatory in the heart of the city. (She works with radio waves, so doesn’t have to worry about light polution)

The quote from the top of the page is from The Servant’s song called “It’s My Turn” which I love, and has just become available on itunes with the rest of their stuff. (though the quality of the masters is a bit questionable, a bit creaky)

I just got up and I’m in the mood to make music, which is lucky as it’s precisely what I’m going to do. I feel a bit abstract though. I wish I was sitting in on the session to make this record (The Servants) or Court And Spark by Joni Mitchell, or Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins or Spanish House by Felt, that I could just be a fly on the wall in the making of some classic.

Perhaps it would be a bore though. I’m looking forward to this week. We got people coming and going, singing songs for the God Help The Girl project. The boys will get set up this morning, then we’ll try to get good live takes the rest of the week. Catherine will be around all week, and Celia will be popping in. Our featured singer this week is Asy from Seattle group Smoosh.

Neil Hannon’s flying in tonight, to sing one, maybe two songs, tomorrow. He’ll be ‘playing the part’ of Anton, the knowing swiss german, who works in a charity shop. Neil claims he was born to the part. He must have a good imagination.


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