Kickstarter update from Stuart

Hi kickstarter people and everyone else,

Just want to say hi. I’ve been laying quite low, leaving other to adminstrate this whole process. Last night I went through the names of all the contributors. I was surprised to see how many names I recognised! Either friends, or people that have had some connection with the band. Very, very cool.

And the rest of you, in such dark and exotic places, from Singapore to Des Moines, Iowa! I feel very grateful of your support, and I hope that we can do a good job for you, if we get funded, and justify your effort.

Though kickstarter is only a piece of the budget that we are in the process of raising, it is the most important piece. I have this feeling that for every dollar you chuck in, in the long run it may be worth three to us. That’s because the people that may have money to give us, in funding agencies, or in broadcasting or distribution, will look at what you have done here. They may think “Well, all those people must know something.” And they may hopefully throw their weight behind us. That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

So in the meantime, I’m going to look out some nice photographs from the God Help The Girl archive, get them framed, put them up on sale here, and perhaps we can make it over the finish line.

We’ve also just added Eve’s diary from the film as a reward – it will be a one off, full of notes, pictures and sketches…

Just over two weeks to go.


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