january 12, 2013:

hi all

it’s a beautifully calm saturday. dave and i have been back editing for a week or so after the holiday break. the break was useful, cleared the head. i walked a lot, let the film wash over me, and a picture of how we should proceed emerged.

talking about editing is a little like talking about paint drying though. we enjoy our work, we try new things out, we watch clips online to inspire us and to relieve the effort, and we try and find good soup everyday for lunch. not exactly scintillating to tell about, but it’s good fun to do, and it can be really creative.

i feel like dave and i are at the coalface somewhat. every four weeks we emerge and show our work to a different bunch of people. we’ve shown the film twice now, to friends, to execs, to other film people, to strangers.

we showed it in glasgow, we listened to the crits, and we went away and worked on it some more. then we showed it in london just before christmas, and that takes us up to today. in a couple weeks i’m going to take the film over to LA, and i’m going to screen it with barry for his friends and colleagues, then we’re going to screen it to an invited audience in LA. finally, in february, we’re going to screen it in glasgow again. then we’re going to lock the picture.

locking the picture means that the edit doesn’t change from that point. that’s the film ‘done’. we continue to work on it though. we take it to the sound lab where they spend some time finessing the film for finished sound. then we go to post production for ‘grading’, where the colour and contrast, etc is balanced for each frame. and there’s probably a bunch of other stuff that happens to it too after that..

so that’s where we’re at. it’s tuesday, i’m back in with dave. i come in with a bunch of fresh changes and suggestions. barry called him at home last night, late, with a truck full of HIS ideas and suggestions. dave sighs,

‘editing a feature is like no other process i’ve been through. it’s so much harder.’

truer word was never spoken!




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