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Sep 20, 2007

Hi folks,

Just in case you thought we had abandoned you, we are still pouring over your efforts keenly! The standard has reached quite a shocking level – consistently high! I am amazed and surprised. I can only guess at how hard this is to do, coming cold to a track, having no say in the pitch or arrangement or tempo. But you really are doing a great job.

We are enjoying the videos also. It may have taken extra balls to get on camera, but it does help us pick up on your personalities, so the extra effort is worth it. It’s a friendly little move!

Don’t be perturbed if you think your track doesn’t reach ‘hi-fi’ quality. We can pretty much tell what kind of job you’re doing whatever you are recording on, though it’s been pleasant listening to the array of ‘smooth production jobs’ that have been presented so far. It is flattering that you have gone to the trouble of making such a nice noise!

There have been some technical, and otherwise, questions asked. In the forum, John will go through some of the most common ones – but may I answer one first?

Ok fellahs, we’re hearing you. We were going to leave this till later, but your interest has inspired us. We have a work in progress version of one of the songs, called ‘Perfection as a Hipster’. Gary Olson, from Brooklyn’s Ladybug Transistor is this week’s guest professional.

Gary has very kindly laid down a vocal on the track, along with our own Catherine Ireton. Have a listen on the audio player here, and if you’re up for it, download the instrumental here and plug yourself in. The lyrics can be found here.

I know you’re only getting one track to work at, but somehow I think you’ll manage o.k..

If you’re wondering about your motivation for singing (and hey, this is musical drama after all!) you are the custodian of a a charity clothes shop. You are leaning on the counter on a sleepy Tuesday when in works Girl 1.

A little unkempt, but still obviously something pretty special, you watch her move round the isles of clothing in a catlike way. Not only do you get to dress her up in the best things your boutique can offer, but you have to scrape her off the ground and revive her when she passes out in the changing room; the hero momentarily; her adventures that morning must have proved too much.

She recovers, leaving as quickly as she arrived, though better dressed. She’s off down the street, while you desperately try to negotiate the morning off with your old-lady co-workers. They just don’t understand your hurry!

You have until October 12th, men. Good luck.


7 September 2007

I’ve been enjoying your little ‘auditions’ tremendously. It’s fun seeing where you are all coming from. We’ve had entries from some faraway places – South Korea, Beirut, Russia, Quebec and a lot from the States. The standard has been really good, and I’m not just saying that. It has been a genuine pleasure to listen to your interpretations.

I must admit at having a giggle at the last note of "The Psychiatrist Is In." It is rather low. But I think it will accompany a rather humorous moment in the film, so don’t worry if you can’t quite nail it, or if you fall over! It’s all part of the fun. And I like to hear your personalities coming through sometimes.

We’ve been reading your comments too and we’ll try to address some of them individually, especially if you are having trouble uploading, or any other part of the process.

We’ve also had a lot of mail from fellahs asking when their turn will be. Well, sometime, I’d say. I think we’ll give you your own song to sing and a separate deadline, so don’t think that you are missing out, because you’re not at the moment.

I’ll be in touch soon to tell you how rehearsals and everything else are going. You never know, we might get in touch with you sooner rather than later just to give you a try out in the rehearsal room. If you can handle that. We’re a very relaxed bunch . . .


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