26/10/2007 - 'God Help The Girl' Update

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about time too…
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Posted: Oct 26, 2007
By God Help The Girl
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Hi folks

Are you still there? I feel kind of funny, because I don’t think I’ve ever really awarded a prize before, at least one that was anticipated. I remember getting butterflies waiting to see how I did at music festivals and the like when I was young, and it’s strange to think that I’m on the other side this time. I apologise if the wait has been on the long side!

Boys, at this moment we are going to postpone your result until the New Year. We need to devote ourselves to the ladies at present. We will have a better idea where the males fit in, in the New Year.

As I’ve said before, the competition was of a very high standard. Crucially, there was also a wide range of interpretations of the songs. Now, we didn’t know exactly what we wanted before the competition started (hence the competition!) but I think we came closer to knowing at the listening stage, and the decision was influenced by that.

Just to clarify our intentions; we are going to have two singers over to Glasgow for five days or so. They will practice with the group, and go on to record demos of some the film songs in our studio. This is part of the ongoing process to prepare the songs for final recording.

In the meantime, we will have a great chance to see what the singers are made of, and judge their abilities and talents, with a view to further participation.

Like I said before, I think the way the ‘God Help The Girl’ Forum took off was terrific. I hope the involvement doesn’t end here. By putting your voice and your personality up on line, you’ve become a pool that we will look to during this long process. I just wished you lived around the corner! That would be easier.

Already I’ve been in touch with a few of you to do some ‘reading’. It’s possible at a later stage that we might have a few more people over to Glasgow to follow up on that as the drama aspect of the project comes to light.

But at the minute, there is the music! With around 240 female entries (including video), if you were invited to sing again by myself or John, you were very close to being picked. The two singers that were picked were chosen for pitch and tone, for their flexibility, for the style they displayed, for the strength of the voice and for the potential we saw in them.

They are Brittany Stallings and Dina Bankole.


another wee ‘hello’
Category: Casting Call Contest
Posted: Oct 11, 2007
By God Help The Girl
Current mood: reflective

hey kiddos

just hanging out here in glasgow. it’s overcast and autumnal. i’m listening to status quo and jackson browne and the beat, but just as a short break from listening to you.

i’m feeling you, I’m feeling your online presence. we’re not deliberately taking a long time, but we are deliberating. the consultation process made it’s way south of the river this afternoon, when I was in the presence of Judge Jackson and QC Bob Kildea.

I’m sorry if I have left the guys rather on their own over this one. I’ve been concentrating on the ladies. Your due time is creeping up, fellahs! (and the numbers of you who are entering.)

I’m still going to need a bit of time, I hope you don’t mind. I may have to do a ‘tiny’ bit more setting of tasks, but not much.

In the meantime, hope you are feeling good, whoever you are, wherever you are…


Oct 02, 2007

today is the last day for entries to the singing competition. we will retire for a while and consider all you have done.

i must say that I’ve come to enjoy the process, and the spirit in which it has taken place has been very homely. to me it felt like the beginning of the book ‘charlie and the chocolate factory’, with people checking in from all round the world. if i’d been any good i would have had a huge map of the world with little flags to show where you all posted from.

we will have a good think, and further listens, and we may ask some of you to sing the song you didn’t already sing, so that we may hear more of your range and style. (this may take a little while, before we get some
of you over to Glasgow!)

A couple of other things…

Be assured that we have been listening to the entries sent by email, even though correspondence may not have been entered into.

Also, that those in faraway time zones were allowed to post during October 1st, their time!

Also, please note, that although the ‘media’ record for the ‘God Help The Girl’ group might show that our listening habits were sporadic, we were in fact scouring the entries through a series of pseudonyms! Nothing was missed…

If we contact you it will only be from ‘God Help The Girl’ though, or a ‘banchory.net’ email address.

in the meantime, thank you for taking part, and thank you for reading!


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