Colleagues & Collaborators

My dear colleagues, in fact, let me go further, fellow collaborators…

Together we have reached the splendid total of $121,000. You have given us confidence, you have given us a big green light that says ‘GO!’, and go we shall.

A month ago we thought we had bitten off more than we could chew, but now the producers sleep soundly and the promise of a summer making ‘God Help The Girl’ is closer.


Thank you for ‘getting it’.

I’ve pitched this film to film companies, to actors, to TV broadcasters, to journalists. I sometimes feel like I’m a child in the headmaster’s office trying to make a case for not being punished. But i feel comfortable with you guys. You know what my band has done in the past. Most of you have heard the ‘god help the girl’ record. You can see where we’re heading.

I’d like to assure you that we’re not trying to make something that will just grab at the attention for a moment. We’re not trying to ram songs into a run-of-the-mill screenplay, and we’re not trying to drape some words around a few songs for the sake of making a film. We’re following a process that started with a song and wouldn’t go away… it is our duty to see it through, just as it was the band’s duty to make ‘Tigermilk’ and ‘Sinister’.

And with your help, we shall do our utmost to give satisfaction.



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