april 9, 2012. progress, and auditions. (from stuart)

Hello all, and especially hello to the people who recently handed in their auditions for God Help The Girl.

Thought I’d give you a general update of the film’s progress…

We are heading now for a June 26th start in Glasgow. Right now, I’m mainly concerned with casting, locations, the budget, putting a crew together, finessing the script, and planning the music. And if you wonder how I’m handling thinking about all those things at once, the truth is, I’m not really handling them very well. (of course, the producers are all giving me excellent help, and shouldering their own burdens, but i think i’m just getting an idea, now, of a director’s responsibility)

I think probably at this stage the crucial thing is to put the crew together so that I can spread the load. That’s what I wish would happen. I think a brain can only handle so much. I’m really looking forward to handling the ‘prettier’ elements of filmmaking, ie the acting, and how it looks and sounds.

When I think of making our first record, of course I was running about, phoning people, lifting amps, getting people out of bed, coaxing them with food and drink, making impassioned speeches to anyone who would listen about doing something new and untried…  In a sense I’m entering the same period in the build up to making the film. It’s not much different, except the scale is wider. But it does have the same ramshackle quality, and is held together primarily by belief, not scheduling; love, not money.

(one difference is that, before we made Tigermilk, I would listen to Rattlesnakes by the Commotions, for comfort, and for guidance. This time, I seem to watch Truffaut’s Day For Night for similar purpose.)

So, I spent quite some time watching your auditions, some 586 clips I believe. I didn’t realise that Kahleen, the casting lady, asked you to do a little introduction to camera, talk about your likes and dislikes, your earliest memories, that kind of thing. At first I was just thinking it was an impediment to getting to the readings, and your song, but in the end, I was actually digging the intros more.

I guess I find it touching that so many of you bothered to turn in your homework. We will be getting back to some of you, but I’ll tell you right now, it’s necessarily a pretty small number.

We are, obviously, quite far on with this process. I already have some strongly held casting convictions. But we really scoured the tapes. And we’re not just looking at the parts you read for, the James, the Cass, the Eve. We are thinking about extras, we are thinking about the kids in the paper chase, we are thinking about the truculant ‘other’ waitress, we are thinking about the dykey, punky fellow inmate of the mental ward, etc. We’re even looking for talented spaniels (though none actually applied through the website..)

So your ‘intros’ became almost more interesting to me, and let me see a little snapshot of your life, whether that was in Madrid or Motherwell. And I want to thank you for that, you beautiful, talented, nutjobs.

stuart x



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