03/10/2011 - So, the process of making a film.

I always say to folk that there is an exact parallel in making
a record. In fact, I said the other day to someone that if
there wasn’t an exact parallel to making a record then I
was ‘f*cked, basically’.

The one thing that I know that counts for film like records,
is preparation. The more things that you are certain about
going into shooting, the better your outcomes maybe. That
doesn’t mean to say it has to be set in stone down to the last
syllable. Just make sure you know exactly what you want
everytime you shout ‘action’. I suppose.

(Funnily enough, as far as Belle and Sebastian music is
concerned, I’m drifting away from these precepts into a time
of more sponteneity. But I must assume that is a luxury we
can enjoy because we’ve been at it awhile. Filming wise, I
am a novice.)

Preparation and certainty; let me stride boldly onward with
prep and certainty.

Truth is…

All the balls are in the air right now. Casting, script, and
finance are my three concerns, and they are all in loose
and funky shape. And they all affect each other and are
intertwined like yin, yang and something else beginning
with ‘y’.

More Casting

We got off to a good jump with the casting. I’m working with
a casting expert called Kathleen and her assistant Caroline.
And Barry’s been digging up people stateside.

Initially we met people in February, in Glasgow. Then we
did a casting session in June in London. (mentioned in last
entry) We were casting for the three main roles, James Eve
and Cass.

Last week we got some of the best candidates together,
people from these sessions plus some of the most likely
people we’d seen on tape. I did 5 sessions in London,
each lasting three hours or so, each featuring 3 actors,
representing James Eve and Cass.

At the same time Barry did one such session in LA, as there
were good candidates there also. So… we taped everything,
and I’m currently looking through that stuff…

Barry and me kind of felt the same way.

“Should have got them to do this, could have pushed them
harder, wished we’d done another song…”

That kind of stuff…

It was worthwhile though. I was commuting in from
Wandsworth, staying in the little flat above the Beggars
Banquet offices. (Joe in the office told me KimDeal once
wrote a song in the flat, which is more like a little dorm room
with 6 bunk beds.) I felt like a teacher preparing my lesson
each day. The actors swore that they had a good time!

All these guys know each other. I had this thing that I was
going to get everyone to tell about themselves, introduce
themselves, but they all went to the same parties mostly, so
didn’t need to. I was the hick from the sticks.

I had one brother one day, in with Girl A, then the other
brother came in the next day and said that he’s just come
from doing another reading with Girl A that morning and that
she says ‘hi’. Confused? I was a bit.

Another girl that was reading for Cass was anxious to get
away because she had to go out to Pinewood or Elstree to
get bitten in the neck by Johnny Depp. I can’t compete with

She was really good though. Very relaxed. I think the fact
that she was distracted helped her performance. Cass is
often distracted.

I’m pretty clueless with the scene though. I’m just not
up on my TV and culture. Andy the camera guy would
whisper “she’s the girl from that advert”, or “he’s the guy
from that programme.” But I would be none the wiser.

Anyway, sorry I can’t really show you this stuff. Not much to
see really. Wish my screen-tests looked like this!

Next… My 50 favourite actors! I promise…



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