James is one of our leads. He is a Scottish/British man, but he has many boyish characteristics. Aged 21-30.

James spends as much time as he can manage, avoiding responsibilities, and staying in his safety zone (his small bedsit room; a shrine to films, music, and books from the past.)

James isn’t useless though. He’s chosen to live this life separated from meaningful work, money, and friends. When Eve crashes the picture though, he gives into fate somewhat.

James is a keen guitarist. He accompanies Eve’s singing with skill and understanding. It would be an advantage for the actor playing James to have some knowledge of the guitar (though it’s not a deal breaker), and also to have a reasonable singing voice.

Though bookish and rather slim of appearance, he does like to run quite a lot. His family is never mentioned; his background is unexplored, though it’s hinted that he dropped out of the university that now employs him as a lifeguard.

James is an island, a fixture in his own post code area. You couldn’t imagine him to have seen much of the world, but at an early age he made it to London, and came close to making it as a singer songwriter. The business let him down, and this sense of ‘being fooled once’ makes him rather cynical of ambition.

Though boyish, he does rather take to the roll of ‘senior figure’, hesitate to say father figure, to Cass, and to some degree, Eve. He likes the sound of his own voice and likes to appear knowledgeable.

His frail health is sometimes alluded to, but may be imagined. He does genuinely appear to have quite a certain spiritual side behind his ironic, straight-faced demeanour.



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