Eve is aged 19-24. We are open to Eve’s nationality (e.g. British, French, Australian) though she has lived in the UK for a long time so her English will be very good and any accent will have softened. (Her parents live abroad. At least one of her parents works or worked for the armed forces or a large British company abroad.)

Although Eve has been in bad shape, the majority of the film deals with her finding her feet, her renaissance.

She might speak sparingly at first, but she has presence. She is slightly cat-like in movement; a dancer’s background.

She is still girlish in outlook, though her recent life has been eventful. Music is becoming the very blood in her veins, specifically her own songs, and it’s appropriate that the first words uttered in the film are by her, and are in song.

The person who plays Eve ought to have a strong singing voice. An ability to move well would be an advantage, as there are scenes which might show off her dancing prowess.

She came to the UK to go to University. Great things were expected of her; she was a prodigious child; dancing and singing were in her upbringing. She learned to be independent at an early age, and became stubbornly so. Being alone in Glasgow, however, in new surroundings, is different from ‘being alone’ in a privileged upbringing. She became ill, lost a lot of weight, and ended up in hospital. (The hospital part of the story is told in flashback, so the actor may have to lose weight for this sequence)

After the revelation of her hospital stay, she decides to let a boy called James, and a girl called Cassie into her life. She learns how to live again.

It might also be pointed out that her romantic side is awakened on leaving hospital, and for a period, she is quite happy to be lead by this side.



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