Eve is aged 19-24. We are open to Eve’s nationality (e.g. British, French, Australian) though she has lived in the UK for a long time so her English will be very good and any accent will have softened. (Her parents live abroad. At least one of her parents works or worked for the armed forces or a large British company abroad.)

Although Eve has been in bad shape, the majority of the film deals with her finding her feet, her renaissance.

She might speak sparingly at first, but she has presence. She is slightly cat-like in movement; a dancer’s background.

She is still girlish in outlook, though her recent life has been eventful. Music is becoming the very blood in her veins, specifically her own songs, and it’s appropriate that the first words uttered in the film are by her, and are in song.

The person who plays Eve ought to have a strong singing voice. An ability to move well would be an advantage, as there are scenes which might show off her dancing prowess.

She came to the UK to go to University. Great things were expected of her; she was a prodigious child; dancing and singing were in her upbringing. She learned to be independent at an early age, and became stubbornly so. Being alone in Glasgow, however, in new surroundings, is different from ‘being alone’ in a privileged upbringing. She became ill, lost a lot of weight, and ended up in hospital. (The hospital part of the story is told in flashback, so the actor may have to lose weight for this sequence)

After the revelation of her hospital stay, she decides to let a boy called James, and a girl called Cassie into her life. She learns how to live again.

It might also be pointed out that her romantic side is awakened on leaving hospital, and for a period, she is quite happy to be lead by this side.



  1. Sue Tyhurst writes:

    Hi this sounds a really great project. Am not interested in auditioning myself as I am way too old. But have you thought about Dakota Blue Richards in the role of Eve? I think she would be fantastic. A lot of Eve’s background fits with Dakotas?? Plus she has proved herself extremely versatile in SKINS as Frankie. I believe she can also sing. If she hasn’t already applied, I would definitely give her a go!

    • Stuart writes:

      hi sue

      dakota came in to read for us in london. i’m glad we’re on the same page. she was great, and she did indeed sing very well.


  2. Robert DuPont writes:

    Greetings Stuart,

    Since the album was so well cast, I would think Catherine Ireton would be first choice. I guess it depends on budget, and if you think you need a name performer on the marquee. If so, Carey Mulligan would be good too; she did a nice job singing on ‘Write About Love’. In fact when I first heard it, I thought ‘Hmmm, Stuart is auditioning her for the GHTG film’

    What you should not do is the ‘My Fair Lady’ scenario; Have Carey in the film, but dub Catherine’s voice a la Marni Nixon.They should have cast Julie Andrews in the first place, but they played it safe box office wise, and went with Audrey Hepburn. Of course, Julie didn’t do too badly for herself.

    Have a good day, and much luck on the production. Say hello to the B&S !

  3. Hanna Stanbridge writes:

    Hey Stuart Murdoch 🙂

    I’m an edinburgh based actress & would love to be considered for the role of Eve. I come from a music & dance background (mostly ballet) and you can view my showreel here …


    You can also view my current CV & headshot
    Would love to hear from you as the project sounds amazing 🙂

    lots of love

  4. Matías writes:

    Loving these character descriptions Hope the project’s going well so as to see the results soon. Best of luck, Stuart!

  5. Elsie writes:

    Hi — I’d suggest Natasha Pring. Beautiful singing voice; great movement, thanks in part to tai-chi. Projects warmth and vulnerability, as well as a bit of elfin fun at times.

    Good luck with the project!

  6. Rebecca writes:

    This project sound amazing to be a of part, I simply wish I knew HOW to audition. I would be perfect for this role. If anyone out there involved with this project, wishes to contact me, you have my E-mail. My very bones would ignites fire to my being if chosen! Thank you 🙂

  7. Kat writes:

    Just cast Catherine Ireton, already!

  8. Michele M. writes:

    How about Alex Klobouk? The drawing of Eve? here reminds me of Alex on the EP cover and in video of Wrapped Up in Books. Alex has a striking presence and a voice that is both innocent
    and world worn. Those eyes, that face.

  9. Блог о путешествиях writes:

    Thx for this great information that you are sharing with us!!!

  10. Andreas writes:

    I’ve got to vote for Catherine, too. She’s a good singer and has delivered “God help the Girl” in such an utterly charming way that I can’t help picturing anybody else as Eve. Plus, she’s gorgeous. Her eyes fit the character description perfectly.

    I still think that casting is a good idea. After all, there might be an even better Eve out there. But unless you come up with someone strikingly more suitable, go with Catherine. I’m not a great fan of Apple. But when they designed the iPad to resemble the iPhone, they had a point.

  11. Alexandra Gerdts writes:


    Madly interested in auditioning for this. Been following the project since ’09, best of luck with everything !

  12. Michele M. writes:

    OK don’t think I’m nuts but, I was watching Anne Hathaway on tv a few days ago and I thought hmm, she’d be perfect for the role. Sure she’s a bit older but, she can play younger. She’s a terrific actor whose been in such crap movies and in spite of that she’s been propelled to super star status here in the US. I believe she is underutilized and hasn’t had the opportunity to accept a meaty script. And she sings.

  13. Michele M. writes:

    I should add that Brokeback Mountain was great and The Devil Wears Prada was fun but, overall someone needs to give her a great script and to have her sing in a film. WOW that would be amazing.

  14. buy flexeril writes:

    Thank you for this information! I used it for my diploma thesis =)

  15. Marccela writes:

    I have been a fan of Belle and Sebastian since my early teen years, and when I started listening to God Help the Girl, I daresay it became the soundtrack of my days, is quite amazing how much I can relate myself to most of the lyrics and situations described in them. So, how is it possible to audition for this?
    Best luck with this project, looking forward to see it all ready and done

  16. Hanah writes:

    Nataly Dawn from Pomplamoose. I don’t know if she can act, but her voice is gorgeous.

  17. TheWriter writes:

    Like others here, I am a huge fan of the music. When I discovered that God Help the Girl was going to be the basis for a movie, I was so excited. When I read about Eve, one person came to mind, and one alone: Canadian singer Alexz Johnson. She has the voice, and, if one, looks at her acting objectively–from the odds and ends of acting she’s done–one sees a starkness in her. And she appears quite capable of ricocheting between moods. Quite simply, I think Alexz Johnson could be a perfect candidate for Eve.

  18. Luc writes:

    Why not Zooey Deschanel ? She does sing really well but she might be busy !

  19. caitlin writes:

    i absolutely second dakota blue richards and carey mulligan. also on the topic of skins actresses lily loveless and hannah murray do fantastic work

  20. Priscilla writes:

    Is the casting for Eve still inconclusive?
    If so, do amateurs have any shot at getting an audition?

  21. Jessica Secmezsoy. writes:

    I’m a Glasgow based student called Jess who feel in love with God Help The Girl when I first heard it…The story is quite real as I believe a lot of us go through these moments at the point of becoming “adult”.I sing in a band and singing and music are what drive me in life.Recently a friend asked me to star a short film for the GFT 48 hour project.I used to do drama classes as a child ,but have only got back into it recently.Acting has came back into my life suddenly and I enjoy it as much as writing or singing.When I sing or act I feel free…Its like that moment between sleeping or waking.I’m just an ordinary young woman trying to figure out my life and although I’m not a professional actor I believe I could bring something to the character of Eve.

  22. Suzi writes:

    I am interested in being considered for the role of EVE I have emailed you my CV. Are you still casting?

  23. Elena writes:

    Would be amazing to see some local Glasgow talent take some of the lead roles for this project. I might (sadly) be too old to audition myself but there’s some brilliant young actors/actresses floating about under the radar in Glasgow right now unfortunately without representation. Have seen some awesome amateur productions around town. Sometimes the inexperienced can bring something incredible to the table! I wonder if this has been considered?

  24. Engeline writes:

    I think you should stay with Catherine Ireton. She has such a striking face, and to me, she has simply become Eve already. She could be a crap actor, and she’d still have that sligtly akwardness that seems to be characterizing Eve. Like others before me, I think it’s great that you do casting, but unless there is someone who outshines Catherine in every aspect, (which I admittedly have a hard time imagining), you should give her the credit. She deserves it.

  25. Pc writes:

    Karen Gillan as Eve?

  26. justinehdf writes:

    Is there any way to be considered for auditioning at all still?
    This role sounds so perfect, worth a shot.
    I have a fair amount of experience and have been likened to Zooey Deschanel on many an occasion (without blowing my own trumpet of course)

    Any more information would be brilliant, travelling for anything is no issue.

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