Cass is like Eve and James’s little sister. Strictly speaking, she should go off and form her own gang but she doesn’t know anyone else, so she ends up hanging out with them most of the time. Tagging along.

She’s tigerish and bouncy, liable to go off on enthusiastic tangents. She has opinions on most things, though most of them are pretty wonky. She is musically adventurous and adaptable, and is amazed by Eve and her songs. It’s one of the very few things that impress her.

She recently moved to Glasgow from America or the far south of England (you decide), her dad being one of these rich and busy dads that move everywhere. She lives in a castle in the posh bit of town, and the only people that visit the house are the posh friends of her mum, and the rugby playing pals of her brother.

It annoys her to no end that they have friends straight away. It annoys her that they seem to like this strange and backward little town. She is surprised that none of the local boys have made any attempt to woo her, though in truth, she has made little effort with her classmates. I mean, what’s the point? School is about to end…

Cass is 16 going on 17, is into dressing up (especially berets), playing scrabble by herself in cafes (right hand against left) home baking, and feminist literature. She has a dog called Captain, and she rides a tandem bike that her parents bought her in the hope she would make a friend.

At the start of the film she is being taught the guitar by James. He still has her on scales. Their relationship is stilted and professional, he being worried by the posh surroundings and her mother, she, simply under whelmed by the Scottish race so far. Why should James be any different?



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