Here’s a picture from our very first day of shooting:

James, Eve and Cassie

Eve is played by Emily Browning.

James is played by Olly Alexander.

Cassie is played by Hannah Murray.


Extras Required

EXTRAS REQUIRED! We have cast our three principals! We’ll be making an announcement later this week. We’re still casting some of the smaller roles and are also now thinking about background extras. We have a number of huge scenes in …
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Eve is aged 19-24. We are open to Eve’s nationality (e.g. British, French, Australian) though she has lived in the UK for a long time so her English will be very good and any accent will have softened. (Her parents …
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James is one of our leads. He is a Scottish/British man, but he has many boyish characteristics. Aged 21-30. James spends as much time as he can manage, avoiding responsibilities, and staying in his safety zone (his small bedsit room; …
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Cass is like Eve and James’s little sister. Strictly speaking, she should go off and form her own gang but she doesn’t know anyone else, so she ends up hanging out with them most of the time. Tagging along. She’s …
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